Curtis LCDVD2223AC Flat Panel Television उपयोगकर्ता मैंयुअल

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Curtis LCDVD2223AC Flat Panel Television उपयोगकर्ता मैंयुअल

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CONTENTSCONTENTSCONTENTS ....................................................................................................................01ACCESSORIESACCESSORIES ...............................................................................................................02SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSAFETY INSTRUCTION ..............................................................................................03~07INSTRUCTIONCONTROLS..................................................................

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ACCESSORIESSAFETY INSTRUCTIONEnsure that the following accessories are included with your TV.If an accessory is missing, please contact the dealer where youpurchased the product.This LCD TV is engineered and manufactured to comply with the internationalsafety standards. The same as other electrical equipments,all the safety andoperating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated.About SymbolsThis manual includes different kinds of symbols. To ensure the correct using,as well as

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSAFETY INSTRUCTIONDon’t Remove or Rejigger the TV SetConnect to Earthing ConnectionThere is high voltage subassembly inside the TV set, which may cause fire orelectrical shock during repair.■ DO NOT remove cover ( or back ).This appliance shall be connected to a mains socket outlet with a protective earthingconnection. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician forreplacement of the obsolete outlet. Take care of the cord, or there might be fi

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSAFETY INTRODUCTIONSDon’t Set the TV in the places below:Discs Maintenance■■■■■■■1. To remove a disc from its storage case, press on the center of the case and take the disc out.2. Hold the disc by the edges, to avoid touching the Recorded side of the disc.Under sun or near heaters.Places where difference in temperature goes great.Places that have bad ventilation.Near fire.Moist places such as bathroom.Places that human walks frequently or places where are quive

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INSTRUCTIONINSTRUCTIONCONTROLSCONNECTION OPTIONThis manual explains the features available on the model of 22 inch LCD TV.■ This is a simplified representation of a front panel. Here shown may be somewhatdifferent from your TV.Front Panel Controls12345678This is the back panel LCD TV■ This is a simplified representation of a back panel.Here shown may be somewhat different from your TV.Back Connection Panel91234576AV1110(1): () In DVD source Load /Eject DVD disk.(2): () Pressto play or pause

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INSTRUCTIONINSTRUCTIONREMOTE CONTROL KEY FUNCTIONSREMOTE CONTROL KEY FUNCTIONS(1) POWER button: Switches the set on from power on or off to power.(2) EPG/ button: Enter Electronic Program Guide;Press in DVD source Load/ Eject DVD disk.(3) MUTE button: Press to eliminate or restore the TV sound.(4) P.MODE button: Press to select preset picture mode.(5) S.MODE button: Press to select Sound mode button.(6) ASPECT button:Press to select picture mode 4:3, 16:9 etc.(7) DISPLAY button: Press to display

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INTRODUCTIONINSTALLATIONINSTALLING BATTERIESSTANDARD INSTALLATION■The TV can be installed in various ways such as on a wall, or on a desktop etc.(1)Open the battery compartment cover on the back side(2)Insert two 1.5V batteries of AAA type with correct polarity(3)Close the battery compartment cover on the back sideNotes on Using BatteriesThe use of the wrong type of batteries may cause chemicalleaks and/or explosion.Please note the following:Always ensure that the batteries are inserted with t

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INSTALLATIONINSTALLATIONSTANDARD INSTALLATIONNOTES OF WALL INSTALLATIONb. Wall Mount: Horizontal installation(1) Secure the wall brackets with the bolts (not provided as parts of the product, mustpurchase separately) on the wall. Match the height of the bracket that is mounted onthe wall. The wall bracket is of nomal dimension. Please see the position of the wallbrackets bolts as follow picture .The actual dimension of the wall brackts bolt shouldaccording to the products.(1) Keep the TV stand f

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CONNECTIONS & SETUP■To prevent the equipment damage, never plug in any power cords untilyou have finished connecting all equipment.ANTENNA CONNECTION■For optimum picture quality, adjust antenna direction.■An antenna cable and converter are not supplied.CONNECTIONS & SETUPEXTERNAL EQUIPMENT CONNECTIONS1. Connect the AV jacks between TV and external equipment. Match the jack colors(Video = yellow, Audio Left = white, and Audio Right = red).2. Select AV source with using the SOURCE/button on

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CONNECTIONS & SETUPCONNECTIONS & SETUPPC CONNECTIONYPBPR CONNECTIONWhen connecting with a D-sub 15 pin cableWhen connecting with a component cable1. Connect the RGB output of the PC to the PC VGA Input jack on the set.2. Connect the audio outputs of the PC to the PC Audio Input jack on the set.3. Turn on the PC and the set.4. Select PC source with using the SOURCE/button on the remote control.5. Refer to the PC manual for operating instructions.1. Connect the video outputs (Y, PB, PR) of the DVD

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BASIC OPERATIONBASIC OPERATIONTURNING THE TV ONSLEEP TIMERIf your TV will be turned on, you will be able to use its features.You don't have to remember to switch the set off before you go to sleep.The sleep timer automatically switches the set to standby after thepreset time has elapsed.EPGTuring on the TVFirst, connect power cord correctly. When the indicatorilluminates red is standby mode.Press the POWER/button on the remote control then theindicator illuminates orange, after the TV initializa

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OSD OPERATIONOSD OPERATIONHOW TO USE THE OSD(On Screen Display)VIDEO menu optionsThe OSD (On Screen Display) function enables you to adjust the screen statusconveniently since it provides graphical presentation.In this manual, the OSD (On Screen Display) may be different from your TV'sbecause it is just example to help the TV operation.Picture ModeSelect Picture Mode in PICTURE menu.(Cycles among picture display modes: Standard, Dynamic, Soft, Personal.)You may select the picture mode directly b

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OSD OPERATIONOSD OPERATIONAUDIO menu optionsTimer Menu OptionsPress MENU button on the front panel or MENU/display the main menu.on the remote control toPress MENU button on the front panel or MENU/display the main menu.Audioon the remote control toAudioSleep TimerSurround1. Press the ◄ / ► button to select SOUND in the main menu.2. Press the ▼ / ▲ button to select the option that you want to adjust in the SOUND menu.3. Press the ◄ / ► button to adjust.4. When you are satisfied with

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OSD OPERATIONOSD OPERATIONSetup menu optionsSetup menu optionsSelect TV source as an exanple. (Press SOURCE/button to select TV mode).NOTE: SETUP menus are different for different input sources, if the input sourceAdvanceInput PC signal first, then press SOURCE/press ► button to selected HDMI / VGA and there are no relative input signal,SETUP menu will be unavailable.button to select VGA mode,AudioSETUP menu of TV input:AudioWideMiddleDLCONH-PositionAllow you to use ◄ / ► button

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OSD OPERATIONOSD OPERATIONSetup menu optionsLock menu optionsBasic SelectionSelect TV source as an exanple. (Press SOURCE/Allows you to select the basic selection among: CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4,Text1, Text2, Text3 and Text4.Advanced SelectionAllows you to select the advanced selection among:Service1, Service2, Service3, Service4, Service 5 and Service 6.OptionUse Down button to highlightthe “Option” item, then press► button to enter intothe following menu.button to select TV mode).1. Press the

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OSD OPERATIONOSD OPERATIONChannel menu optionsChannel menu options1. Press ▲ and ▼ to select Program Edit in SETUP menu.Favorite2. Press ▲ and ▼ to enter into the sub menu, a channel list will display.Allows you to add these channels which you desired as the favorite channels. Use ▼ / ▲button to highlight the “Favorite” item, then press ► button to enter into the following menu.3. Press ▲ and ▼ to select the channel in the list which you would like to see.Use ▼ / ▲ butt

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DVD OPERATIONDVD OPERATIONBasic OperationBasic OperationEjectENTERauthorizedD.MENUD.MENUD.MENUENTERD.MENUD.MENUForward / Backward3233

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DVD OPERATIONDVD OPERATIONBasic OperationFunction SettingsD.SETUPSUBTITLEPressbutton to move and highlight between different sub-menu,then press ENTER andbutton to enter the highlighted sub-menu.D.SETUPSUBTITLEMUTEMUTEMUTE3637

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