Master Bilt DD-46 Freezer उपयोगकर्ता मैंयुअल

डिवाइसे लिए उपयोगकर्ता मैंयुअल Master Bilt DD-46 Freezer

Master Bilt DD-46 Freezer उपयोगकर्ता मैंयुअल

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ITEM NO._______________________________________________________PROJECT_ ______________________________________________________LOCATION______________________________________________________DATE__________________________ QTY.____________________________DD-46DD/DD-CG/DD-L SERIESDeluxe Ice CreamDipping/DisplayMerchandisersDD-46CG CURVED STANDARD GLASS MODELS MODELS LOWGLASSMODELS❑ DD-26 ❑ DD-46 ❑ DD-66 ❑ DD-88 ❑ DD-26L❑ DD-46L❑ DD-66L❑ DD-88L❑ DD-26CG ❑ DD-46CG ❑ DD-66CG ❑ DD

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DD/DD-CG/DD-L SERIESDELUXE ICE CREAM DIPPING/DISPLAY MERCHANDISERSOPTIONS❑ Rear service doors for DD-46, DD-66 and DD-88 models (factory installed)❑ Custom colors❑ Removable can holders with white overnight can covers❑ Dipper well❑ Removable frost shields❑ Leg kit❑ Casters❑ Lid locking kit (less locks)❑ Flavor identification tabs (for DD and DD-CG models only)❑ Ice cream pan rack assembly (pans not included)REAR SERVICE DOOR FOR DD-46, DD-66 AND DD-88FROST SHIELDSFLAVOR IDENT

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSDIMENSIONS(in.)DIMENSIONS(mm)MODELDD-26/26CG/26LDD-46/46CG/46LLD261/2 273/4473/4 273/4H**LD673 7051213 705H**VOLTS115115AMPS7.47.5UNITH.P.1/31/2DD-66/66CG/66LDD-88/88CG/88L691/4 273/4903/4 273/4**1759 7052305 705**1151159.711.51/23/4CAN CAP.**DISPLAY/STORAGE4/08/4CAP.CU. FT.†3.59.6SHIPCU. FT.38.054.0SHIPWT.LB/KG240/109370/16812/816/1216.022.576.097.0495/225600/273*Height of standard and low glass models: 50" (1270mm), curved glass models: 52" (1321mm). **Capacities in 9

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DD/DD-CG/DD-L SERIESDELUXE ICE CREAM DIPPING/DISPLAY MERCHANDISERSBID SPECIFICATIONSItem no. DD-_______________Provide_______________()Deluxe Ice Cream Dipping/Display Merchandiser(s), Master-Biltmodel no. DD-__________.Cabinet to have independenton/off compressor and lightswitch. Cabinet to be providedwith drain connection, stainlesssteel top and superstructure, tempered plated glass viewing windowand interior fluorescent lighting.Cabinet is to have rear air intakeand discharge. Standard leveli

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