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Canton 042 Stroller उपयोगकर्ता मैंयुअल

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Toy Caboose StrollerInstruction ManualThese instructions are for thefollowing Joovy Style Numbers:042, 043Please read these instructions in their entirety to ensurethe proper assembly and use of your toy. Keep theseinstructions for future reference.Joovy • 2919 Canton Street • Dallas, TX 75226 • (877) 456-5049 • Fax: (214) 761-1774E-mail: • Website: Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction ManualPage 

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!WARNINGS• This product is a TOY stroller for dolls or stuffed toys ONLY.• NEVER use this toy to carry a baby or child for any purpose whatsoever. Deathor Serious Injury may occur.• Maximum weight allowed = 5 pounds in EACH seat.• DO NOT stand on platform. Riding is for dolls or stuffed toys ONLY.• This product contains small parts. Adult assembly is required.• The maximum weight that can be carried in the storage basket is 5 pounds• Discard all packaging materials properly. Do not

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Assembling and Using your StrollerTo ensure safe operation of your stroller, please follow these instructions carefully.Unpacking the Product• Carefully remove stroller and all parts from the box and plastic bag.• Remove the cardboard packing materials from the ends of the frame.• Identify the parts (stroller, canopy, tray, front wheels (2), rear wheels (2), rear axle,washers (2), axle locks (2), axle caps (2), hubcaps (2), car seat carrier support anddocuments with the pictures in Figures

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Installing the RearWheels• Turn your stroller upside down sothat it is resting on the seatback.• Locate the rear axle and slide itthrough the holes into the frame nearthe platform.• Locate a metal washer and slide thewasher onto one end of the axle.See Figure 3.• Locate a rear wheel and slide thewheel onto the axle. IMPORTANT NOTE: The leftand right side wheels are slightlydifferent. The correct wheel will havethe arrow shapes on the tire treadpointed towards the REAR of thestroller. Be

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Installing and Operatingthe Canopy• To attach the canopy, orient thecanopy on the stroller with the widefront edge toward the front of thestroller.• Line up the fittings on the canopywith the fittings near the center ofthe stroller and slide the canopy onuntil it snaps into place. See Figure 7.• The canopy will open, close andratchet forward or backward• To remove the canopy, slide thecanopy off the fittings.Figure 7Attaching/Detaching the Front Tray• To attach the front tray, line up

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Adjusting the FootrestThe footrest can be adjusted to twopositions – horizontal or all the waydown.• To place the footrest into thehorizontal position, pull up on thefootrest and the metal bar until thefootrest catches into position. SeeFigure 10.• To place the footrest all the way to itsdown position, pull up on the footrestto release the bar from the slot, andthen slowly lower the footrest.Figure 10Securing the Front(Seated) Doll• Unlatch the harness buckle bypressing down on button in

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Seatback PositioningThe front seat has two positions.• To place the seat in the uprightposition, push the bar on the rearof the seat toward the front of thestroller and rotate the seatbacktowards the front of the strolleruntil this bar is locked in its lowestposition. See Figure 12.• To recline the seat, pull the baron the rear of the seat toward therear of the stroller and rotate theseatback down until this bar isagain in its lowest position.Figure 12Securing a Rear Standing Doll• Push th

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Using the Bench Seat• Push the bench seat to its most rearward position.• Position the doll on the bench seat facing backward with their feet on theplatform.• Unlatch the seat belt buckle by pressing down the button in the center of thebuckle and removing the male sides of the buckle.• Place the seat belt completely around the doll’s waist, place the crotch strapbetween the doll’s legs and snap the buckle together. See Figure 14.• Adjust the seat belt to be snug around the doll’s

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Using the stroller as a DollCar Seat Carrier• To use the stroller to carry a doll carseat carrier, you must replace theFront Tray with the Car Seat CarrierSupport.• Remove the Front Tray by pressingin on the buttons under the femalefitting and pulling the tray off thebrackets.• Line up the Car Seat Carrier Supportto the metal tubing on the front ofthe stroller and push inward until thesupport snaps into place. See Figure16. Pull outward on the supportsides to be sure both are snappedsecur

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Folding the Stroller• Orient the stroller with the handle bar closest to you.• Place the canopy into its closed position and push it as far forward toward thefront of the stroller as it will go.• Pull upwards on the trigger mechanisms on both sides of the stroller. See Figure19.• While these mechanisms are in the upward position, push forward and down onthe stroller using the handle bar.• Secure the stroller in the folded position by engaging the locking latch locatedon the right side

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MaintenanceAll of the fittings, snaps, locks, rivets, and other hardware and plastic parts on thestroller should be inspected periodically to insure that they are secured properlyand not damaged or malfunctioning. The seat belts and safety harnesses, as wellas all other straps and fabric items and their stitching should also be inspectedperiodically to insure that they are secured properly and not loose, torn or otherwisedamaged. All moving parts, such as wheels, brakes, and hinges should also b

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2919 Canton Street • Dallas, TX 75226 • (877) 456-5049 • Fax: (214) 761-1774E-mail: • Website:©Joovy 2006 • Document Version 1.0Page 12 Toy Caboose Stroller Instruction Manual

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